Revised Car Rider Dismissal Procedures

To ensure student safety, we have decided to revamp our Dismissal Carpool procedures.

•All students who may be a car rider for dismissal at any time in the school year will receive a car rider number.

•To receive a car rider number & tags, please go to the cafeteria on Eagle Day. If you do not do this on Eagle Day, it can be done at any time in the front office. *Please bring identification with you.

•When your child is assigned a car rider number, you will receive a car rider hanging mirror tag (2 per family). This will be the identification needed to pick your students up in the afternoon. Please hang your tag on your rear-view mirror as you pull into the car rider tag.

•Car riders will now be housed in the cafeteria instead of outside.

•As parents arrive in the car rider line, the numbers will be announced in the cafeteria and students will be dismissed to their car.

•Once your child enters your vehicle, you can remove your tag from your mirror.

•All Kindergarten, first, and second grade car rider students will also receive a backpack tag. This backpack tag will display his/her car rider number. This should be placed on your child’s backpack and remain attached all year.

•Please also encourage students to memorize their car rider number.

•Students will not be allowed to enter a car without a car rider number or tag, even if the staff member knows the parent. This will be strictly enforced. If you forget your car rider tag, please park in the parking lot and walk into the front office to check out your child. You will be asked for identification before your child can be dismissed.

•For the most efficient dismissal process parents should remain in their car and go through the car rider line. We will NOT dismiss students to parents who are in the lobby area or who park and walk up to the crosswalk.

•Parents who walk to school from their home will receive a car rider number. They will be asked to bring their number to the staff member who is located at the very front of the car rider line to receive their child.

•Students who walk home without a parent in grades 4 & 5 will not be required to have a car rider number.

Things that will remain the same:

•Morning carpool is not affected.

•Car riders will be dismissed at 2:08 daily (12:18 during early release)

•We will utilize the double lane queuing around the parking lot.

•We will continue to merge and only use one lane for loading of students.

•Parents should not exit their car while in the car rider lane. Your child will be escorted to your car by a staff member once we begin dismissing students.

As with any change, we anticipate that it will be slow at first, however will prove to be more efficient and safer once the routine is established. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to put student safety first in all we do.

For questions or concerns regarding the revised car rider dismissal procedure, please contact:

Christy Raab, attendance clerk

Dr. Ashley Beasley, Assistant Principal