Virtual Field Day on Friday, May 8th

In partnership with OPEN (Online Physical Educators Network) East Side PE will be hosting a Virtual Field Day (VFD) on Friday, May 8.  All information can be found on our website  Students and families should access all information and activities through the website and may participate in the activities of their choice at home. This is all about having fun and getting active as a family from the safety of home in the spirit of Field Day.  There is an option to download scorecards and keep score for the activities, but that is certainly NOT required.   The materials required for the events are regular household items.  If families do not have the materials for a particular event they should just skip that event.  There is a link on our site that explains how the VFD will work as well as video demonstrations for all activities.  

Please email Coach Daniel, Coach Chadwick, or Coach Whatley with any questions or concerns. Please use the hashtag #eastsidevirtualfieldday on social media to show your participation!