Volunteers at East Side

Do I have to watch a FERPA video? 

Yes, all adults who come into the building while school is in session should watch the video posted below. Please open the word document to sign the FERPA brochure. After signing the brochure please return it to your child's teacher. You only need to sign the brochure once, even if you have multiple students at East Side.



Do I have to attend the Supervision/Collaboration Training?

Please reference the chart below to see if the Supervision/ Collaboration Training applies to you.

Additional Training Dates

8/16 @ 10 am

8/21 @10am

9/7 @ 4:30 pm

10/5 @ 8:00 am

Jan. 28th 8:30 am @ East Side Cafeteria

Jan. 29th 5:30pm @ East Side Music Room (right before family STEM night)